Black Powder CrossFit is committed to providing an environment that cultivates integrity through quality training, world-class service, and professionalism. Our primary commitment to our clients is to deliver a platform of tools that will assist in the pursuit of optimal health and fitness.

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We are the Houghton’s and this is our Black Powder CrossFit story…

I am a mother of 4 energetic children: a 9 year old, 7 year old and 5 year old twins, not only am I a full-time Mom/Wife, but I also work a full-time demanding job. I found myself in the mundane cycle of waking, going to work, coming home, making dinner, doing homework, putting my kids to bed, going to bed, and then starting it all over again the next day. I was exhausted, I didn’t always have the patience I wanted to have nor the energy to be the Mom I wanted to be. I needed to change, and the change was Black Powder CrossFit. The On Ramp program was great, Brittney’s coaching style makes you feel comfortable with olympic lifts and movements you didn’t think you could do. She is an inspiration not only in the gym, but in life. She wants everyone to be the best version of themselves and reach their goals whether it is hitting a 250 pound deadlift or giving you the confidence to go after your life goals. Brittney and Eric have created a home to those looking to be healthier, eat smarter, become stronger, or just be happier in life. Joining Black Powder CrossFit is one of the best decisions I ever made for myself and my family. ~ Jenn

Black Powder CrossFit has given me back my will to be healthy. I am no longer in my twenties and far from being in the best shape. I have not seriously exercised in years. Coupled with some health issues some years back, I lost much of the muscle mass and weight I once had. When I saw Jenn welcomed into a community of friends focused on overall health and becoming strong, I had to try it. I’ve never regretted it nor do I look back. I can’t wait to become strong and healthy once again. I owe it all to Brittney and her goal to get everyone strong! ~ Jason

Black Powder CrossFit has changed our lives! We both started CrossFit to help give us the energy to keep up with our youngsters, we found so much more! Not only did we find the most supportive coaches, but also a family. A family filled with people who share a passion to be healthier/better versions of ourselves. As parents the most important things in our lives are our children; they watch a community of people working together, supporting each other and pushing each other to get out of our comfort zone. The lessons our children are learning at Black Powder CrossFit are invaluable!


The Houghton’s: A Story of a Fit Family



I am in my late 40’s. Let’s start there. I began CrossFit in May 2013, looking for something new to shake up a stale routine of running and some calisthenics. I had originally told myself that I was only going to do CrossFit for a year… you know, just to get “in shape” to get “Toned.” I actually had ZERO idea what CrossFit was about, and when I researched it more, was rather terrified.


I met a person, well two people, in my first CrossFit experience, Brittney and Eric, who changed my life.  Their approach to fitness, which included nutrition-mind-body-soul-community, was simply what I needed, so I followed them to the creation of Black Powder CrossFit.   I’m not a 20-something. Or a 30-something. I’m nearly a 50-something. So, I needed trainers who understood strength and conditioning for my stage of life. Black Powder CrossFit offers that. No, that doesn’t mean it’s easy or that they “dumb it down” or make it “lesser” for me. Quite the contrary. I am DAILY challenged—and I am now the strongest I have EVER been in my life, and getting stronger. I had one goal when I started: a pull-up. Got that. Now, I set new goals. BPCF keeps me young! (Plus, I can keep up with the 20-30 somethings on occasion).

I find so much of what I do at BPCF helps me in my daily life as a mom and as a professor—all of life is about setting goals, figuring out strategies to meet them, understanding setbacks, working to overcome them, accepting the process of improvement. Weight-lifting and getting through a challenging workout are AS MUCH mental for me, as it is physical, so this allows me to connect all parts of my brain, and to better communicate with my children and students. I am convinced that I am not just physically stronger, but mentally, as well. I know, too, that I am a better role model for my son and daughter (who, by the way, have also started training for athletics under Brittney— I highly recommend the personal training services with Brittney and Eric).

BPCF is not a gym. It’s an actual family and community. If I’m having a stressful day…. These people are the best. We support each other, no matter athletic skill level. We support each other in parenting (kids or furry friends), in buying houses, in sickness, in happy and sad times. Be prepared for a personal connection. BPCF is an amazing place.


Kay: The Professor