BPCF’s Member of the Month: Carla Da Silva- Ortega

BPCF’s Member of the Month: Carla Da Silva- Ortega

At times it can be difficult to define or even describe subjective terms like; passion, desire, dedication, and commitment.  But everyone knows it when they see it!

For that reason, we want to recognize Carla as Black Powder CrossFit’s Member of the Month!

Carla is a wife, mother to a one year old, and works full-time in her career.  She makes it to the gym 4-5 times a week, and she even sticks around after class to work on skills.  Carla is an excellent addition to BPCF as she is warm, welcoming, and kind to everyone she encounters.

Photo Credit: Lesley Szilagyi

Initially, Carla began CrossFit to get back into shape after she had her son.  Soon after she started, Carla began to blossom into an athlete that wanted not only cardio conditioning, but strength as well!  We are proud of Carla and are honored to have her as part of the BPCF community!

What the coaches have to say:

“Ever since Carla walked through the doors of BPCF she has given 100% of herself to reach her goals and be the best she can be.  She is one of the most positive and energetic people in the room.  She squeezes out every ounce of effort that she has during her workouts and inspires everyone around her to work hard as well.  I love Carla’s spirit.  She inspires me to work harder!”  ~ Coach Brittney

“No matter what the WOD, she gives it all that she’s got.  Carla lays it on the line, no matter what!  She doesn’t quit.  She doesn’t complain.  She just steps up.”   ~Coach Eric

“Carla always comes into the gym with a smile on her face and has that warm personality to chat with. Once the class starts, she’s always listening and lending a hand to her fellow fitfam.  Every workout she is constantly pushing herself and is always impressing us with what she can do in such a short time at BPCF.” ~Coach Frank

What members have to say:

“The 1st time I met Carla, I knew she was special.  She just has this positive energy about her that is infectious.  There are so many things to love about Carla, but what I love the most is that she NEVER quits.  She is determined to reach the goals she has set and that is admirable.  I love the confidence I now see in her when she picks up a barbell.” ~Joann D.

“I love her attitude.  It doesn’t matter how hard something is, she never complains, she just keeps working.  She is so supportive of everyone.”  ~Chelsea B.

“Carla comes in everyday, energetic and focused.  She is ready to get it done!” ~ Dean L.

Keep up the hard work Carla.  You inspire us all!




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