BPCF’s Member of The Month: Megan Gironda

BPCF’s Member of The Month: Megan Gironda

With just 6 months of CrossFit under her belt, Megan deserves the title of BPCF member of the month.  Her quick wit, fun-loving attitude, and her “never quit” spirit made it easy to recognize Megan for the month of September.

Initially Megan started CrossFit to out of a funk and get into shape.  She also used it as a way to bond with both her brother, Colin and boyfriend, Mark.  During the first few months of classes Megan’s competitive side started to grow and her skills have rapidly improved in a short span of time.

Since starting at Black Powder CrossFit, Megan has learned to rope climb, do a pull-up, and she has flipped a 450 pound tire!  To add to her athletic improvements is her positive attitude and willingness to try anything.  

Was it mentioned that she will be participating in her first CrossFit competition in October?  We look forward to watching you shine!

What the Members Have to Say:

“Megan’s a motivated and determined member of BPCF who is always looking to better herself and the people around her.  The dedication she shows to improve her weaknesses and overall skills is inspiring to me.”  ~Mark D.

“I’m really proud of my sister’s commitment to bettering herself since starting BPCF.  I know there are days when she doesn’t like the exercises, but she shows up and and gets it done.  There is something really inspiring about watching someone close to you set goals and really commit to them, especially on the difficult days.” ~Colin G.

“Megan is very positive, warm, and engaging.  I love her can-do, friendly attitude, and her willingness to try just about anything.  You are my BEAST friend, and I am happy that you are part of the BPCF community.” ~Carla O.

What the Coaches Have to Say:

“Megan is hard working and dedicated to CrossFit.  Constructive input is always well received as she is very coachable.  She is supportive to other gym members especially her partner, Mark and her brother, Colin.”

~Coach Joe

“While being a little sister in the gym, Megan has wasted no time showing that she is not afraid to step up to the challenges that CrossFit provides on a daily basis at BPCF.  She is constantly asking questions about how to be better at everything.  The kicker is that she Listens and digests what she’s given for advice and answers.  Sometimes, some things come easier to others, and she is one of those people.  Kipping Pull-ups, Rope Climbs, desire to lift heavy and push herself, breathing while running and working out… Nailed them.  All of them with their own degree of fight, but she has listened and is conquering them one at a time.  She’s always in the gym with a smile on her face and you’ll find her keeping Mark and Colin in line each night.  You can always count on her to provide a little energy and personality when she’s in class.” ~Coach Frank

“Megan is tough as nails, and she doesn’t let a bad day stand in her way.  She shows up!  She will even come early in the morning to avoid missing a workout.  I like the fact that someone at such a young age could easily choose to do what most young 20-somethings do, but instead she is in the gym becoming a better Megan.” ~Coach Eric

“I love Megan!  She is always shows up ready to work (and she works hard), which is half the battle.  Even though she is fairly new to CrossFit, I have watched her evolve almost overnight.  When she walked through the doors she was an uncertain and nervous newbie, but now she has sprouted wings like a butterfly and is confident and eager to try new things.  I am proud of all that Megan has accomplished, and I am excited to see what she is going to do next!” ~Coach Brittney


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