Coach Kevin

Coach Kevin

Growing up, Kevin admired any display of physical strength and stamina. He was challenged by idea of pushing oneself to overcome an obstacle, whether it was weightlifting, scoring a touchdown or finishing the last leg of a hundred mile race. He started getting interested in training the summer before high school with the goal to start on the varsity football team.  With this in mind, he started training under the instruction of one the school football coaches.  He learned how to squat, bench press, and power clean.  While he didn’t end up starting, eventually losing interest in football, he found a love for weightlifting.

Since then, Kevin has competed in two weightlifting competitions, he trained and interned for 6 months at Pinnacle Weightlifting in Colorado Springs, CO, where he obtained a USAW level 1 certification. Kevin is pursuing his massage therapy license at Harrisburg Community College, which will further enable him to bring balance to individuals.

Kevin is passionate about weightlifting and physical fitness, and loves sharing his knowledge.  He believes that having a strong well-balanced body will not only improve your lifespan, but also your overall happiness and outlook on life.


  • CrossFit L1 Certified Trainer
  • USAW L1 Sports Performance Coach
  • Licensed Massage Therapist (Graduation: December 2016)